Boyertown Bears American Legion Baseball program

We are proud supporter of this great award winning program that helps teach team work to our area youth.

The Boyertown Bears American Legion baseball team is the marquee travel baseball program for Boyertown School District residents. The program is sponsored by American Legion Post #471. Our organization fields a team in the late spring/early summer and a team in the fall.

Bears Baseball

Boyertown Multi Service

Boyertown Area Multi-Service is a social service agency dedicated to meeting needs and improving the lives of people in the Boyertown School District Area and surrounding communities of Amity, District, Hereford, Pike and Oley townships.

Boyertown Multi Service

Salvation Army of Boyertown and Beyond

The American Legion has helped with food and donations to help fight hunger in our region and support the food pantry.

For God and Country

Boyertown Salvation Army

Boyertown NJROTC school programs

NJROTC is a course in leadership, teamwork and citizenship, using studies about the Navy as a common core. Students take the course as an elective and receive a grade that counts towards graduation and their GPA. Only the academic class and a few unit activities are mandatory, but cadets are highly encouraged to participate in the unit's 'extra-curricular' fieldtrips, teams, and events. Students are NOT members of the military, though they wear a 'regulation' military uniform once each week. There is no military obligation, and students have no 'status' within the military. There are definite benefits to those students who are considering a military career, but the program is designed to help students be successful in what-ever career or endeavors a student pursues. The unit mission is to help develop more informed and responsible citizens. The goal is to develop young leaders. The focus is to maximize student opportunities and prepare them for success, especially in college.